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Episode 132 - Freedom fighters: the story of Ellen and William Craft

In this episode, we explore the historic journey of two refugees from slavery and campaigners for its abolition, who escaped from America to England. Ellen and William Craft ended up in London – and now, more than 170 years after they arrived, a blue plaque marks their former home in Hammersmith. Joining us to discuss their journey to England and abolitionist campaigns are English Heritage’s senior historian for blue plaques, Howard Spencer, and Dr Hannah-Rose Murray, a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in the history of enslaved people.

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Episode 131 - Exploring the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

This week, we’re discussing how art is being used to explore the link between Brodsworth Hall and the transatlantic slave trade. The property and its gardens near Doncaster in South Yorkshire will be hosting a collection of five sculptures created by artist Carl Gabriel and inspired by the story of Peter Thellusson, a former owner of the estate who made his fortune from goods connected with slave-based production and the slave trade itself. Joining us to explain more are senior interpretation manager Joe Savage and historian, archivist and researcher John Angus Martin.

Learn more about Brodsworth Hall and Gardens or plan a visit here. 

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Episode 130 - 1066 and all that: The events and people behind the Battle of Hastings

Today, we’re gearing up for the Battle of Hastings. Or at least, its re-enactment next month by 500 history enthusiasts in the location where this key turning point in English history took place. Of course, many of us know the story, including that unforgettable date: 1066. But what happened in the build-up to the battle, and who had the strongest claim to be king? Joining us to answer these questions and more are senior properties curator Roy Porter and curator of collections and interiors Dr Kathryn Bedford.

Learn more about the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest 

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