Where to stay at Summer Solstice.

hotels, b&bs and self-catering

For information on accommodation providers in Wiltshire and other attractions/services in the area, please visit the Visit Wiltshire website


Please remember camping is not permitted at Stonehenge, in the Solstice Car Park, or anywhere in the surrounding National Trust land.

There are several caravan and/or camp sites within 10 miles of Stonehenge. Please check availability and entry conditions in advance. 

Stonehenge Campsite , Berwick St James, Salisbury, SP3 4TQ: 07786 734732 - provides a shuttle bus service to the Solstice

Stonehenge Touring Park, Orcheston, Nr Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4SH: 01980 620304

Coombe Caravan Park Coombe Nurseries, Netherhampton, Salisbury, SP2 8PN: 01722 328451

Brades Acre Camp Site, High Street, Tilshead, Salisbury, SP3 4RX: 01980 620402

Honeysuckle Homestead Camping, Dinton, Salisbury SP3 5HA: 01722 717887

Salisbury Camping & Caravanning Club, Castle Road, Salisbury, SP1 3RR: 01722 320713

Tourist information centres

Salisbury Tel: 01722 342860 

Andover Tel: 01264 352807 

Romsey Tel: 01794 512 987 


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