Summer Solstice

At Stonehenge - Your Safety, facilities and Welfare

English Heritage does everything it can to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience. If you are thinking of coming to Summer Solstice, please read this information to help plan your visit and decide whether it will be suitable for you to attend.

here to help

There are lots of stewards on duty to help with the smooth and successful running of the Solstice access.  They are also there to answer your questions so please do not hesitate to approach them.  If you notice anything that concerns you please report it so that appropriate action can be taken.


Admission to the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge is free of charge.

site maps

Download a map of the public areas at Solstice and on-site parking facilities.

Monument Field



There are gathering areas close to the Monument, two of which have braziers provided. Please use the areas for your own enjoyment, such as poetry readings, meditation or playing of acoustic instruments.

Portaloos, including accessible toilets, are available in both the Monument Field and Solstice Car Park.

Authorised catering units will be selling hot and cold refreshments throughout the access period.  Please do not purchase refreshments from any unauthorised outlets.


There is a clearly marked tap for drinking water close to the Monument.  The authorised catering units will be selling bottled drinking water as well as other hot and cold drinks.


Parents/Guardians are requested to ensure that children are not left unattended at any time.  Children under 16 will be refused entry unless accompanied by an adult.

There is a clearly marked information / meeting / welfare point, close to the entrance to the Monument.  It provides experienced, caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems.

Rubbish disposal

Please dispose of your rubbish at the designated recycling and rubbish points located in the Solstice Car Park and at Stonehenge to support a sustainable, environmentally-friendly Solstice.  Stonehenge sits within a very sensitive landscape which is still in agricultural use – please respect the local farmers’ crops and livestock.

Every year, we aim to further reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to land fill and to increase the recycling rates: please help us to make this year a cleaner Summer Solstice.

For your safety

If weather conditions leading up to 20 June are particularly hot and dry, it may be necessary to ask people not to smoke.  This is subject to advice from the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service.

The Solstice Car Park is lit and there is ambient lighting at the Monument throughout the night.  These lights are systematically turned off as dawn approaches but only when it is operationally safe to do so.  Please do not tamper with any of the lighting towers – it can be dangerous.

No unlicensed, non-invited traders will be permitted access.  This applies to the Monument area, the surrounding landscape and Solstice Car Park.

Wiltshire Police and English Heritage have permission to fly drones during solstice but no other drones may be flown anywhere on site.

In case of emergency

The South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Wiltshire Police are in attendance.  If you, or someone you are with, need medical attention, please seek help from one of the security or stewards on duty.

If you get lost, or lose track of your friends or children, locate a member of the security or stewarding team.  Alternatively go to the information / meeting / welfare point and report the situation to the welfare team.

In the unlikely event of an incident that requires the evacuation of Stonehenge or the Solstice Car Park, we would ask that members of the public respond quickly to instructions given by stewarding staff, the Police or other Emergency Service personnel.  PA announcements for your safety and information may be necessary during the access period.


English Heritage does everything it can to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience.  However, English Heritage accepts no liability for any injury to persons or loss of, or damage to, property arising in any way whatsoever whilst at Stonehenge or the Solstice Car Park, and entry is at people's own risk.  Although stewards and security are present at both Stonehenge and the Solstice Car Park, please note that any people entering these areas do so at their own risk. 

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