Photo of a child wearing a hat and sunglasses looking at a dandelion with Scarborough Castle in the distance

Green Impact

Launched across the country in September 2023, English Heritage’s Green Impact programme helps embed sustainability in to our policies and procedures, awarding prizes to teams who take environmental action at our historic sites.

Photo of two children using a recycling bin at Scarborough Castle in North Yorkshire

Our sustainability change and engagement programme got underway in 2022-23 to help drive and celebrate environmental action across English Heritage. We collaborated with Students Organising for Sustainability UK (SOS-UK) on a bespoke version of their Green Impact awards programme and piloted this at 18 sites.


Photo of a slate trophy for Scarborough Castle for winning bronze in English Heritage's Green Impact awards

Green Impact is a UNESCO award-winning programme that helps embed sustainability into policy and procedures, supporting staff to take actions in teams. By breaking down the often complex world of sustainability into practical actions, staff can take steps to improve sustainable practice at their site. We have tailored the online toolkit to align with our Climate Action Plan.

Teams can choose from a wide range of environmental actions covering areas like energy, water and biodiversity. Through checking off actions, sites work towards bronze, silver and gold awards.




Photo of nine members of English Heritage staff and volunteers in front of Scarborough Castle holding a Green Impact trophy
Staff and volunteers at Scarborough Castle won a bronze award in the Green Impact programme in 2022-23

In 2022-23, nine English Heritage sites achieved bronze awards:

Walmer Castle and Gardens was awarded both bronze and silver. Awards were also given for community action, innovative engagement and English Heritage ‘sustainability hero’.

In September 2023, the Green Impact programme was launched across the whole organisation and we are excited to see how many teams will achieve awards.

Screenshot of Walmer Castle and Gardens' runner-up certificate for the 2023 Green Impact National Awards

The team at Walmer Castle also achieved runner-up in the Community Engagement Award 2023 as part of the National Green Impact Awards. This was in recognition of their partnership work with Butterfly Conservation to raise awareness of Kent’s magnificent moths through community engagement, education and guided walks.

The judges commended the team for engaging various sectors of the community and forming partnerships. You can read the full article about the awards here on the SOS-UK website.

National award runner-up (002).png


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