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Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in our English Heritage Collection (English Best Bitter, Organic Craft Lager and 0.5% EveryDay Pale), as rich and characterful in flavour as our country is in history.

The English Heritage and Purity Brewing Company partnership was born through the shared desire to leave a recognisable mark of quality, sustainability and authenticity on the world. This has manifested itself through our English Heritage Collection, celebrating the best of all things that have shaped our green and pleasant land to become what it is today.

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Purity’s passion for only brewing great-tasting, pure quality beer with the finest ingredients is brought to life through their modern representation of historic English helmets. The unique label designs combine the three core brewing ingredients (whole cone hops, malted barley and pure water) with medieval battle-worn helmets from some of English history’s most defining moments including the invasion of English shores by Saxon and Viking warriors and the enduring conquests of the infamous Knights Templar.

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