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Smart Energy GB

We are so pleased to announce our new digital partnership with Smart Energy GB. Together we are producing a series of films that highlight the impact of climate change on our historical sites, and showcase how smart meters, and other actions we are taking can tackle these challenges.

“England’s history was shaped by its climate, its future will be too” says Estates Director, Rob Woodside. The impact of climate change on many of the historical properties in our care is already evident, that is why we are introducing a new sustainability strategy to help tackle these challenges and ensure our properties remain accessible for generations to come.

We all want to make big changes to help the environment, but sometimes we have to start small. We have partnered with Smart Energy GB, the government backed organisation tasked with informing Great Britain about the smart meter rollout, to share the benefits of smart meters with our members.

If you are not familiar, smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters. They can show you the amount of energy you use, in near-real time. Helping you save energy and money too.

Smart meters are helping to upgrade our energy system, and are helping Britain become carbon neutral by 2050. Smart meters can't solve climate change on their own but with the smarter, more energy efficient system they help to create, they're a start.

That’s why Smart Energy GB are the ideal partner to help us on our journey towards upgrading the energy systems at our sites.

Rob says, “We must act now to start tackling the devastating impact the changing climate will have on our historical properties and introducing smart meters to our sites is one of many steps we are taking.”

To find out more about Smart Energy GB or getting a smart meter for your own home - 

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Planning for a more sustainable future - With the effects of climate change being felt at our historic properties across the country, we’re taking action to tackle the greatest issue of our age and working towards a low-carbon future.

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