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Fortress Dover

Visitors to Dover Castle can now discover what it might have been like to live and work in the Fire Command Post and Port War Signal Station, with an attraction that tells the story of the castle during the First World War.

Visit the fire command post

During the First World War, the Dover area was officially designated as a fortress with a garrison of over 10,000 men. The castle acted as the military headquarters and played a crucial role in protecting the harbour and Straits of Dover.

Now, our recreated fire command post reveals the story of this important period in the castle's history.

There is so much to do during your visit: you can enjoy the panoramic view across the Straits of Dover, try communicating in Morse code, and learn how to spot enemy or friendly ships. Central to the experience is an authentic anti-aircraft gun - the only working example left in the world. Volunteer explainers can tell you all about the role the castle played in the war effort 100 years ago.

During our summer season, there are regular opportunities to see a re-enacted Gun Drill, carried out entirely by volunteers.

Take a virtual tour of the fire command post by clicking here.



English Heritage would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends of Dover Castle for their support.

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