Richborough with Kids

Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre is a brilliant day out for the entire family. And that's not just because the kids can tire themselves out by running around the defensive ditches — although obviously that's a tantalising option — there's plenty of fun things to do with kids at Richborough. From competitive games in the museum to a time-travel themed family trail, plan activities for your visit below.

Build your own Roman Arch

Back when it was a flourishing Roman town, there stood a triumphal stone arch at the heart of Richborough. Now you and your little ones can race against each other to build a replica version... but there's a twist.

Romans had these handy contraptions called dice towers, to make sure sneaky competitors couldn't cheat at dice games. You need to throw dice into the tower to unlock each building block of the replica arch.

Travel through time with our family trail

EHEU! That's Latin for 'oh no'. You might need that helpful phrase when you navigate the family trail at Richborough. That's because you've fallen through a time travel portal, and you're trapped in the past. Fear not — the trail itself is a pop-up time machine. Roam around the site and find the characters from Richborough's past to make your way back to the present day.

Remember to pick up a copy of the trail at admissions.

Become a Roman trader in an addictive video game

Great Britain was at the edge of the Roman Empire, and many of the objects later excavated at Richborough were not native to these shores — they were shipped from all over the expansive Roman Empire.

Have a go at trading marble, spices and glass across in the far reaches of the Roman empire in our video game. You'll need to employ all your cunning to make sure you can trade at a profit.

See stunning illustrations of Richborough's past

Looking at Richborough today, it can be tricky to imagine how this was once a bustling Roman town. That's where gorgeous illustrations by Lucinda Rodgers come in handy. She artfully depicts Richborough through its many evolutions. You can find her artwork on the walls of the museum.

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