Parking for blue-badge holders is available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Standard car parking fees will apply.


There is a free bus service operating between the Visitor Centre and Stonehenge for people people who need it. The buses run regularly across the event.


Accessible toilets are available in the Monument Field and the Car Park.

Disability aids are permitted at the Monument Field, with the exception of shooting sticks. English Heritage regrets it cannot provide wheelchairs. 

Assistance dogs are allowed in the Monument Field.

Chairs* are permitted for visitors who need them. Please make sure the chair is designed for outdoor use and place it on an area of level ground, at least two metres away from any of the standing or fallen stones. Please ensure that chair legs are not driven into the ground.

*English Heritage accepts no responsibility for any chairs brought on to site and accepts no liability for any harm and/or injury the use of the chairs may cause to their owners and/or others at the event. English Heritage shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to the chairs. English Heritage shall have the right to remove any unsuitable chairs brought to site for the event. English Heritage accepts no responsibility for any chairs left at the site and shall have the right to discard any chairs left following the conclusion of the event.


Salisbury Red buses travelling from Salisbury station via Amesbury are, where possible, wheelchair accessible. For further information, please contact the Salisbury Reds Bus Company on 01202 338 420 or

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