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Almost Lost: London's Buildings Loved and Loathed


Many of London's most treasured historic landmarks were once threatened with demolition. Using the latest digital technology, 'Almost Lost' charts the highs and lows of a century of heritage protection in our capital city.

Digital animations in the exhibition reveal areas of London developing before our eyes showing what has been lost alongside what has survived. A model of 1840's Bloomsbury allows visitors to explore the area's development over the decades using 'Augmented Reality' on iPads which are passed over the model and display digital maps of the place as it was and as it is now.

One of the stories explored using a digital reconstruction on Google Earth is that of Covent Garden and the 1968 development plan. The local community rallied against plans to demolish vast parts of this now vibrant area led, somewhat intriguingly, by one of the planners who had worked on the original demolition proposals.

Alongside the new digital aspect, the exhibition reveals that without the perseverance of thousands of individuals and organisations passionate about conservation who campaigned to save threatened places, much more of the city we know today would have been lost or irreparably altered.

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