09 January 2012

New centralised bookings service for education visits

From this January, learning group leaders are only one phone number away from booking free school visits at any English Heritage property throughout the country.

Instead of calling different numbers for different properties as in the past, now teachers wanting to book free entry to any of our properties will only have to dial one number - 0870 333 0606 - to discuss details, dates and times. And there should always be a friendly voice to answer the call.

We have streamlined the education services based in different localities and launched what promises to be a much more efficient centralised education bookings service based in Swindon. The education bookings team of four customer service experts will also be on hand to take fax messages on 01793 41 4926, and respond to online bookings and emails.

The new educational bookings team

The new educational bookings team - Left to right Gareth Clifford, Claire Penny, Angela Whinton and Claire Groat.

"The new team are a lovely group of people and I know we'll be amazingly efficient," says education bookings manager, Claire Penny. "Between us we have worked at English Heritage for over 25 years and we're all looking forward to getting to know the key properties and to help them provide great visits to educational groups, simply and efficiently, hopefully making life easier for everyone."

One of the best things about English Heritage's free educational visits is the range of support material available if teachers want it. "We just hope that when they phone us teachers pick up on our excitement about these excellent resources rather than our jealousy that they get to play with them and we don't!" says Claire. "We can tell learning group leaders much more in a short call than we could ever get across by email so booking by phone has many advantages - and it's quicker too!"

Why not see if they are true to their word by making a booking a free education visit now on 0870 333 0606.


Educational Bookings Team
Customer Services
t: 0870 333 0606