Local Advice in North West

The North West of England stretches from Crewe in the south of Cheshire to the border with Scotland in the North of Cumbria.

More than half of the population live in the central southern 'belt' that includes the two cities of Liverpool and Manchester and covers Northern Cheshire and Southern Lancashire. Although it is a part of the country made famous by the industrial revolution and the rich cultural heritage that has created; it has a notable built heritage that goes back to at least the period of the Roman occupation.

This is reflected in the two World Heritage Sites in this local area: the western section of Hadrian's Wall, and the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City. The other notable feature of the North West is the beauty of the natural environment. Around 18% of the local area is in a National Park and a further 11% is designated as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire. An important Tudor, timber-framed house in the south of Cheshire; now owned by the National Trust and receiving more than 65,000 visitors a year.

The North West English Heritage team are based in Manchester and provide advice and grants to help protect and manage this historic environment.