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Immerse yourself in archaeology, conservation and architecture; discover the history of gardens, cookery and sports down the centuries; or explore the social history of our towns and  countryside.

hh-annual-Horrible Histories England
by Tom Deary and Michael Brown
£7.99 - Buy now

Packed with foul facts, quick quizzes, awesome activities and, of course, some Horrible Histories, the Horrible Histories Annual 2015 is the perfect book for children aged 8 and above who like their history a little more gory.

Front cover for Knight TimeKnight Time
£5.99 - Buy now

A reassuring novelty bedtime book with knights and dragons about overcoming prejudices and becoming friends!

Book: Dragonology: The Complete Book of DragonsDragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
by Dugald Steer, Helen Ward, Douglas Carrel & Dr. Ernest Drake (Editor)
£17.99 - Buy now

The ultimate book of dragons; purporting to be the last remaining copy of a nineteenth-century dragon-keeper's manual, it combines dragon folklore with whimsical and imaginative fantasy. 

he-lost-gardensThe Lost Gardens
by Philip Osment and Michael Foreman
£5.50 - Buy now

Stumbling upon a hidden and forgotten garden, three young friends find themselves transported to World War One. Beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway, this thought-provoking play helps to bring the First World War into modern day.

The Amazing Pop Up StonehengeThe Amazing Pop-Up Stonehenge
by Julian Richards
£9.99 - Buy now

Who built Stonehenge? How and when was it built? And why? This book, aimed at the inquisitive child (and adult), looks at these questions and, with the aid of innovative paper technology, attempts to answer them.

peace-and-war-britain-in-1914Peace and War: Britain in 1914
by Nigel Jones
£25.00 - Buy now

Nigel Jones depicts every facet of a year that changed Britain for ever, he traces the events of a momentous year from its benign domestic beginnings to its descent into the nightmare of European war.

Sticker Dressing RomansSticker Dressing: Romans
by Louie Stowell, ean-Sebastian Deheeger (Illustrator)
£5.99 - Buy now

An action-packed sticker book full of ancient Roman actors, gladiators, chariot racers, politicians, schoolchildren and soldiers to dress in historically accurate clothing.

book--London-Hidden-InteriorsLondon Hidden Interiors
by Philip Davies
£40.00 - Buy now

It conveys the richness and diversity of London’s architectural heritage and the secrets that lie within. It concentrates generally on the buildings and interiors that are lesser known and to which the public are not normally allowed – the hidden and the unusual, the quirky and the eccentric, although there is space too for some of the better known.

book-StonehengeStonehenge - Exploring the greatest Stone Age mystery
by Mike Parker Pearson
£25.00 - Buy now

A striking and original interpretation of the awesome Stone Age site from one of the world's foremost archaeologists on death and burial.

Book: Panoramas of Lost LondonPanoramas of Lost London
By Philip Davies
£40.00 - Buy now

Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buildings, some of them historic masterpieces, captured in location just before their destruction between 1870-1945. This sequel to the best selling Lost London takes a closer and more detailed view of the city's lost heritage and its social and economic history.

Front cover of the Gardens of English HeritageThe Gardens of English Heritage 
By Gillian Mawrey and Linden Groves
£25.00 - Buy now

The book illustrates the magnificent parks and gardens owned by English Heritage, which are far less well-known than its historic buildings. 216 pages, 250 photographs.

Book: Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval EnglandThe Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England
by Dr Ian Mortimer
£8.99 - Buy now

An original, entertaining and illuminating guide to a completely different world: England in the Middle Ages.

'Castle' book by Marc MorrisCastle: A History of the Buildings that Shaped Medieval Britain
by Marc Morris
£8.99 - Buy now

To understand castles is to understand the forces that shaped medieval Britain. Starting with their introduction in the 11th century, and ending with their neglect in the 17th, Marc Morris explores some of the country’s most famous, and spectacular lesser-known, castles.

Book - 'Off with their heads!'Off With Their Heads
by Martin Oliver
£7.99 - Buy now

Bursting with the best bits from British history, this book will inspire children to get to grips with the bloodiest battles, the mightiest monarchs and all the memorable moments that make up the British Isles. With humorous, light-hearted illustrations by Andrew Pinder, this is the perfect gift from parent to child.

The Photography of Bedford Lemere & Co. - book by Nicholas CooperThe Photography of Bedford Lemere & Co
by Nicholas Cooper
£25.00 - Buy now

An important collection of exceptionally high quality images of England from 1870 until World War II, including country houses, factories, shops, cruise liners and WW1 armaments manufacture. The firm's work was technically outstanding, with a distinctive sympathy for its subject matter.

horrible-historiesHorrible Histories England
by Tom Deary, Michael Brown (Illustrator)
£7.99 - Buy now

History with the nasty bits left in! The Horrible History of England reveals the awful truth behind the rebellions, riots and rumpuses that have made England what it is today (whatever that is).


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