Get Involved with Heritage

Childen been shown historical items by a volunteer

There are lots of ways that you can help look after our heritage from becoming a volunteer with English Heritage, to nominating a building to be listed or taking over the responsibility for looking after a historic place.

You can even plan the future of your area and its heritage with the new powers that Government has given to communities.

Whether you have plenty of time on your hands or just a few hours a month, there is always something you can do to make a real difference.

Improve your area

Find out how you can improve your local area and have a greater say in what changes are made there.

Neighbourhood Plans

Local listing

Find out more about local listing and how you can get involved.

More on local listing

Search the Heritage List

Find out what is protected in your area by searching the Heritage List.

Search the Heritage List

Volunteer with us

We have a range of opportunities for volunteers who would like to support our work.

Volunteer with us 

Get a building listed

If you would like to nominate a building to be listed, just fill in our online application form.

Nominate a building for listing

Take ownership 

Advice for local authorities and community groups on the transfer of historic places to community ownership.
Take ownership