Showcasing designation

Identifying heritage through designation is an essential part of our heritage protection system. Our work can roughly be divided into two main areas:

  • ‘reactive and threat-driven’ casework, and
  • strategic designation projects.

Increasingly we are moving towards the latter. Between April 2013 and March 2014, nearly 70% of designation outcomes came from strategic projects. This prioritisation allows us to focus our limited resources on the buildings and sites that are most in need. We also have the ability to react to adhoc applications - sometimes known as applications to ‘spot-list’ - and this allows us to address singular areas of concern.

The remains of the unknown wreck at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

The remains of the 18th century unknown wreck at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland were scheduled in March 2014 as part of our pre-1840 ships and boats strategic projects

We deal with two different types of projects:

  • defined area surveys, where we look at a selection of buildings and sites within a geographic area, and
  • thematic projects, where we look at a particular building or site type across the country.

The subjects of these projects vary greatly. Recent work has included projects as diverse as: post-war houses and offices; transport structures such as signal boxes and buildings on the Midland Mainline; interwar pubs in the Midlands; deserted medieval villages; pre-1840 ships and boats; former HM prisons; and rock art in the north east.

Details of upcoming projects can be seen on our NHPP Designation Projects page.