Places of Worship

Blue stained-glass windows behind the altar of St Mary-le-Strand, London

Places of worship are a priceless part of England's built heritage, but this legacy poses enormous challenges. How are they going to be maintained so that future generations can enjoy them? How do we balance the needs of congregations with the desirability of conserving our heritage? How do we protect buildings that are no longer needed for worship?

In this part of the website you can find out more about how English Heritage is helping people to meet these challenges.

Listed Places of Worship: roof repair fund

A new £15 million fund available for roof repairs to listed places of worship.

More on the listed places of worship roof repair fund

Read about further funding for listed buildings

Making Changes to Your Place of Worship

You may need permission if you want to make changes to your building.

More on making changes and authorisation

Bats in Places of Worship

Bats, a protected species, often roost in churches or other places of worship.

More on living with and working around bats

Places of Worship at Risk

The Heritage at Risk (HAR) Programme identifies the most vulnerable places of worship.

More about places of worship at risk

Support Officers

Support Officers work alongside congregations to help them care for their buildings.

More on support officers

Heritage Crime

Places of worship are often victims of heritage crime such as metal theft and vandalism. 

More on heritage crime