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Grant aided property

English Heritage provides grants to help conserve historic places throughout England. These include listed buildings, scheduled monuments and designed landscapes. From 2002 to 2012, over a thousand places of worship have received repair grants under a joint scheme with the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Many grant-aided places are required to open to the public as a condition of their grant. The extent of public access varies from one property to another. Some are open throughout the year, some on certain days only and others provide public access by prior arrangement.


Please note that there may be an admission charge (even to English Heritage members). Where this is applicable we try to make this clear in the opening arrangements. Our description of the building may include features which are not accessible on your visit. For example at a church you may not have access to the tower. For full details of opening arrangements at individual sites, please search the database.


 We check these arrangements through anonymous visits. The results of the most recent survey can be found on the Monitoring Public Access page.


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