Nationwide plaques and schemes

Aside from a pilot scheme operated in 1998-2005, English Heritage does not erect plaques outside Greater London. However, there are many locally administered, long-established and thriving commemorative plaque schemes in operation throughout England, many of which are listed on our register of plaque schemes.

Bronze York Minster Window

Erected in 2008 under the initiative of Coventry City Council, this plaque to John Thornton, the master glass painter, is based on his masterpiece – the east window of York Minster. It marks the site of Thornton’s house and workshop in the Burges, Coventry.(© George Demidowicz)

In 2010 English Heritage hosted a conference entitled ‘Commemorative Plaques: Celebrating People and Place’, which was the first event of its kind. It was attended by over a hundred delegates representing diverse interests and schemes from around the UK and abroad.

Guidance Published

Although English Heritage offered advice and information to locally administered plaque schemes for many years, the conference represented the formalisation of this role, and fed into a guidance document published in hard copy and online in spring 2010. This is aimed at anyone with an interest in putting up commemorative plaques.

Further Information

If you would like to make contact with a plaque scheme within your area, please see what schemes are active locally to you on our plaques register.