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A carving of a merman found on the Swash Channel designated wreck.

The seas and shores around Britain contain an immense wealth of archaeological remains from shipwrecks to submerged prehistoric landscapes. Shipwrecks by their very nature are often hidden below the waves but they can be fascinating places for us to explore. England currently has 46 sites which are protected as they help contribute significantly to our understanding of the past. They range from the remains of Late Bronze Age cargoes to early 20th century submarines. Find out more about these important sites in this section. 

Details of wreck sites

Find out about the many fascinating ship wrecks that lie off Britain's shores.

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How wrecks are protected

Find out how historic wrecks are protected through the Protection of Wrecks Act.

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Diving licences

Find out how to apply for a licence to dive on a Designated Wreck Site.

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