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Linda Clarke and Christine Wall, " 'A woman's place is where she wants to work': barriers to the entry and retention of women into the skilled building trades", Scottish Labour History, Volume 44, 2009.

'I don't do nice' Zaha Hadid on being a woman architect at

L.F.Pearson, 'The Architectural and Social History of Co-operative Living' in the Journal of Design History, 1990, 3: 74-77

Lynne Walker, 'Golden Age or False Dawn? Women Architects of the 20th Century'


English Heritage - National Monuments Record
- Aerofilms Collection
- Archival sources (new URL for NMR webpage)
- Red Box Collection
- F.W.Woolworth Photographic Collection
- Online: Blue Plaques; Heritage Gateway; Images of England; Viewfinder
- Download the guide to all the references of NMR images used in this section of the Women’s History web pages.

Trades Union Congress Library Collections, London Metropolitan University
- Construction industry
- Equal Pay
" Employment
- Garden Suburbs/Cities
- Gertrude Tuckwell Papers
- Homeworkers and Sweated Industries
- Housing
- Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust Archive
- National Federation of Women Workers
- Women's Co-operative Guild
- Women's Trade Union League
- Journals - 'The Shop Assistant'; 'The Cotton Factory Times'
- Photograph Collection - 'Employment'; 'Trade Unionists';' Women'
- Online: Winning Equal Pay - The Value of Women's Work; The Union Makes Us Strong - TUC History Online: Timeline/TUC Reports

The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University
- Autograph Letter Collection
- Biographical Cuttings
- Campaigning Organisations
- Employment Organisations
- NUWW Conference Papers
- Pamphlet Collection: Education; Housing; Women's Rights
- Personal Papers: Rosa May Billinghurst; Gertrude Leverkus
- Fawcett Library Scrapbooks and Press Cuttings
- National Federation of Women Workers
- Records of Oral History and Research Projects: Oral Evidence on the Suffragette and Suffragist Movements
- Records of The Women's Library, predecessor and associated bodies
- Journals: 'The Englishwoman's Journal'; 'The Sempstress'; 'Votes for Women'; 'The War Worker'; 'Woman's Own'; 'Women's Industrial News'

Further reading

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Robert Whelan, 'Octavia Hill's Letters to Fellow-Workers 1872-1911', Kyrle Books, London, 2005

Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, 'Making Space: Women and the Man made Environment', Pluto Press, London & Sydney, 1984

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