Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring

Chanctonbury Ring is one of the most iconic sites on the South Downs chalk ridge.  Local folklore suggests that it was built by the Devil and that he can be summoned by running round the Rings seven times.  We haven't attempted this yet!

Chanctonbury Ring and spiral

Chanctonbury Ring lies in the plantation at the top of the image but it is a landscape that is evidently rich in symbolism and meaning for modern communities. This chalk spiral decorates a prehistoric linear earthwork just to the west of the hillfort and Roman temple complex.


Our journey through this landscape actually starts at the foot of the chalk ridge but the route takes it past numerous monuments of many periods including Neolithic flint mines, Bronze Age burial mounds and Iron Age hillforts.

It is beautiful countryside but it has been heavily altered by ploughing in the 20th century.  Luckily, local farmers and landowners, such as Harry Goring and Mike Tristram, are aware of this and are now working hard to ensure that as much as possible is preserved for future generations.


The Cissbury map shows the path that Al took but, be warned, this is quite a strenuous walk. It is easy enough to visit places like Chanctonbury Ring or Cissbury on their own though.


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