St Catherine’s Hill, Hampshire


Location: SU 484 276
This stunning site sits in a loop of the M3 motorway on the south-eastern fringes of Winchester.  Access is easy by foot and is best approached from the public car park on the northern side of the hill.

St Catherine's Hill

St Catherine's Hill, Winchester, Hants. The well preserved ramparts enclose an area of 9 hectares and command extensive views across the valley of the River Itchen. The interior hosts the site of the 13th-century chapel of St. Catherine as well as a 17th-century mizmaze.

The massive bank and ditch of an Iron Age hillfort dominate this location - there are excellent views in all directions but particularly along the Itchen valley and out across Winchester. 

At the centre of the hillfort there is a circular plantation, within which are the remains of the Norman chapel of St. Catherine.  Adjacent to this, on the east, there is a mizmaze (or turf maze) built in the late 17th century.

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