Discovery Visits at Stonehenge

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The most outstanding prehistoric monument in the British Isles (created from 3000 BC) and a World Heritage Site.




Stones and Bones - Stonehenge in its Landscape

Through music, drama and artefact investigation, uncover the fascinating history behind this pre-eminent pre-historic monument. A unique opportunity to explore Stonehenge and the Stonehenge landscape in partnership with the National Trust.

When: Tuesday-Thursday during term time
Length: 2 Hours
Drama, Geography, History, Music  KS1, KS2, KS3 

Neolithic Life At Stonehenge

Inside our reconstructed Neolithic Houses pupils will take part in a number of hands-on activities such as: cookery; fence building; and rope making, all designed to help them discover how Neolithic people lived 5,000 years ago. They will also use a variety of models and artefacts to explore how, why and when Stonehenge was built.

When: Tuesday-Thursday during term time
Length: 2 hours
Design & Technology, Geography, History, Literacy  KS2, KS3 

The Business of Heritage and Tourism

Find out what it takes to manage a busy heritage site. Led by a member of the Stonehenge management team, this interactive tour will lead you through all aspects of running a heritage site as a tourist attraction and a business.

When: On request
Length: 1 hour
Business and Enterprise, Geography, Heritage Management, History, Literacy  KS4, KS5 

Myths and Legends with LEGO® StoryStarter

Your class will visit the world famous stone circle to discover a world of myths and legends, including tales inspired by Stonehenge itself. Your visit will continue in our education room where, in groups, the class will create their own myths using LEGO® StoryStarter kits.

When: Tuesday-Thursday during term time
Length: 2 hours
History, Literacy, Speaking & listening, Story telling  KS2 

How to book

To book a Discovery Visit you can either book online (using the Free Site Visits form) or ring our Educational Bookings team on 0870 333 0606.

Expert-Led Visits are:

Hands-on, site-based activities which combine inspiring out of the classroom experiences with quality learning

* £100 per session per class

* Specially developed to meet the needs of different groups across the Key Stages

* Available at a diverse range of English Heritage sites

* Led by specialist educators, site staff and volunteers who know their sites inside out