Practical Building Conservation

The Practical Building Conservation series (1988) is being revised by English Heritage. The ten new volumes will provide a comprehensive and practical reference for professionals engaged in the repair of historic buildings.

Practical Building Conservation, Stone volume front cover

Practical Building Conservation Revised Series

Practical Building Conservation - English Heritage Technical Handbooks by John and Nicola Ashurst were first published in five volumes in 1988. These became essential references for the repair of historic buildings, for architects, surveyors, conservators and building contractors. The new series builds on the research and field experience of English Heritage, and is aimed at all those who work on or look after historic buildings.

Practical Building Conservation Metals volume front cover

Ten New Volumes

The ten volumes will offer practical advice on the latest conservation materials and techniques. The contents reflect the work of the Building Conservation and Research Team, their colleagues at English Heritage, and their consultants and researchers, who together have many decades of accumulated experience in dealing with deteriorating building materials and systems of all types.

The aim has been to provide practical advice by advocating a common approach of firstly understanding the material or building element and why it is deteriorating, and then dealing with the causes.  

The first five volumes in the series were published in March 2012:

Published in March 2013:

Published in December 2013:

Published in September 2014:

The last remaining volume is to be published in 2015:

The series is being published and marketed by Ashgate Publishing on behalf of English Heritage.

Practical Building Conservation Glass volume front cover