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Landscapes & Areas

Increasingly, the historic environment is managed not only at the level of individual buildings, sites or monuments, but also in terms of entire landscapes. This includes extensive tracts of countryside as well as entire townscapes and areas that are designated (such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Areas) as well as areas that are not.

Black Mountains

Black Mountains

English Heritage already carries out landscape-scale work of this type across the full spectrum of its activities, including advice, research, characterisation, designation, spatial planning and casework. We believe this allows us to develop a far greater understanding of the historic environment and its relationship with people today. It helps us engage most effectively with major social and economic programmes, with community concerns and initiatives and with large-scale uses of land such as farming and forestry. It ensures that stewardship of the historic environment is fully integrated with the management of ecosystems and natural resources. In doing so, English Heritage supports implementation of the European Landscape Convention (The Florence Convention), which came into force in England on 1st March 2007.