Getting Involved

This page contains ideas and links to websites where people can find out how to get involved with archaeology and the wider historic environment in Greater London.

There are a number of ways of getting more involved in archaeology. 

Enfield Archaeological Society NAW

Enfield Archaeological Society dig at site of Elsynge Palace, Forty Hall 

Join Your Local Society

Local archaeology or history societies provide a range of talks, visits, publications, and fieldwork activities, in which you can learn more about your local archaeology and history, and get practically involved with it.

Archaeology societies are listed by the Council for British Archaeology CBA Local Societies  and Current Archaeology Local Societies and, by London borough, by the Museum of London, see London Archaeology.

Also see BBC Archaeology Get Involved.

In addition, local civic amenity societies have an active interest in the broad historic environment, particularly historic buildings and conservation areas. See Civic Trust, London for a list of London societies.

Join Your County Society

Four county archaeological societies cover their historic counties that fall wholly or partly in Greater London, many of these societies have been running for more than 150 years. They offer programmes of talks, visits, and publications, and publish annually a journal including detailed archaeological excavation reports and historical articles.

Join Specialist Interest Groups

The Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society (GLIAS)
London Topographical Society
London Parks and Gardens Trust
Thames Estuary Partnership
Wealden Iron Research Group

Treasure at the Tower of London FOBA 2009

Treasure hunting at the Tower FOBA 2009 

Join The Council For British Archaeology

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) is a national amenity society that aims to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment. It publishes the popular magazine 'British Archaeology', and lists opportunities for fieldwork, and other ways to get involved with archaeology, as well as a variety of guidance on its website. Membership is grouped by regions which also issue newsletters, arrange conferences and other activities.

CBA London is a CBA group for Greater London, offering a special deal on the 'London Archaeologist' and 'British Archaeology' joint subscription.

Festival of British Archaeology

The Festival of British Archaeology is co-ordinated by the CBA every year in July, with a special programme of events based around archaeology put on throughout the country.

Attend Museum Events

The Museum of London Group and local museums put on a variety of events about archaeology in London, aimed at adults and children. Untold London shows the diversity of interests reflected in London’s museums, and where you can find out more about events, collections and archives. You can search for a local museum, or a list of all museums in London at 24hour Museum - London; or Britain Express - London Museums Gazeteer.


Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace ©EH 


Discover the Thames Discovery Programme and their activities aimed at local communities, investigating the archaeology of the Thames foreshore. Become a `FROG'!

Participate in volunteer digs and other fieldwork opportunities around the country, including London, listed on Current Archaeology UK Digs; or see the London Archaeologist magazine `Practical Archaeology' listings, and individual local archaeological societies’ websites.
There are also opportunities to gain work placements or to volunteer with professional archaeological practices, particularly working with archaeological finds, see MoLAS Specialist Services and PreConstruct Archaeology Contact.

Archaeological jobs are advertised by the Institute of Field Archaeologists IFA; the Council for British Archaeology; and  the British Archaeological Job Resource.

Visit Museums, Ancient Monuments, and Historic Buildings

For museums links see the section above on 'Attending Museum Events'.

Some Ancient Monuments you can visit in Greater London and other historic sites are English Heritage Properties also see our Sites to Visit section.

Search for Historic Buildings to visit in London, including National Trust: Thames and Solent Region; or Britain Express - Historic Visitor Attractions.

Open house London weekend in September allows access to many historic buildings, some not usually open to the public.

Study - Extra-mural studies, evening classes, university courses

Birkbeck College 
Birkbeck College - Archaeological Studies degree and diploma, and non-award courses:
Birkbeck College - Discovering London Diploma evening classes
Birkbeck College - Archaeological Walks in London
Birkbeck College - Archaeology Summer Training Excavation 
The University of London Extra Mural Archaeological Society (EMAS) 

London: The Institute of Archaeology at UCL - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Museum of London Learning - for Families, Communities, Adults, Schools and Learning Online  

Workers Educational Association Courses  open to all – search here for archaeology courses in London

TORC is an information service for anyone interested in courses and training in archaeology, from GCSE and A-level courses through to specialised training for professional archaeologists; including TORC Distance Learning Courses

BAJR Education Section - Another source of general advice

For Children and Schools

Young Archaeologists' Club - run by the Council for British Archaeology join the club;
Norman answers your questions on archaeology

Portable Antiquities Scheme - Fun for children & resources for teachers 

BBC History for Kids 
BBC Archaeology Pages - Inside Archaeology  – Excavations and techniques,
plus a Timeline, Play the Quiz, and Play the Dig Game
BBC History Pages - How to Build an Iron Age Roundhouse 

Time Team - Archaeology Uncovered – A-Z of archaeology, brief descriptions of archaeological periods, plus a Timeline; and schools page

Museum of London - Learning for schools

Flints & Stones: Real Life in Prehistory: Explore the world of hunter gatherers – with `I am an archaeologist’

ICAT: Archaeology in education: `Go with the Mole’ – for young archaeologists; Archaeology in Education Service – for teachers

BAJR - Educational Games  More links to games and fun things to do, as well as educational resources, with star ratings!


The London Archaeologist – quarterly subscription magazine – keeps you up to date with recent discoveries and general studies of London’s archaeology.

A full bibliography of books and articles on London’s archaeology and history can be found at the Centre for Metropolitan History - London's Past on-line, including the Bibliography of Archaeology in Greater London.

Archaeology of Greater London

The Archaeology of Greater London resource assessment ©MoLAS/EH 

General publications on London's Archaeology

  • 'The Archaeology of Greater London', Museum of London 2000
  • 'London Under Ground: The Archaeology of a City', eds Haynes et al, Oxbow 2000
  • 'London's Archaeological Secrets: a world city revealed' C. Thomas et al Yale/MoLAS 2003
  • 'Heart of the City: Archaeology at 1 Poultry' Peter Rowsome, MoLAS 2000
    'Below Southwark: the archaeological story' C. Cowan  L. B.  Southwark; SLAEC; MoLAS 2000
  • 'Lambeth unearthed: an archaeological history of Lambeth' G. Gower & K.  Tyler SLAEC; MoLAS;  Lambeth Archives Dept. 2003
  • 'Life and death in London's East End: 2000 years at Spitalfields' C. Thomas  MoLAS 2004
  • 'Merton Priory' D. Saxby MoLAS/L.B.Merton 2005
  • 'Hidden Depths – An Archaeological Exploration of Surrey’s Past' Roger Hunt, Surrey Archaeological Society 2002
  • 'From Ice Age to Essex – A history of the people and landscape of East London' Greenwood et al, MoLAS 2006
  • 'Londonium and beyond: essays on Roman London and its hinterland for Harvey Sheldon' eds. J. Clark et al CBA 2008
  • 'Roman London' Dominic Perring, Seaby 1991
  • 'Saxon London: an archaeological investigation' Alan Vince, Seaby 1990
  • 'The Archaeology of Medieval London' Chris Thomas, Sutton 2002

Museum of London Archaeology Service Publications has issued an extensive range of archaeological monographs and popular studies of London.

Histories of many parts of London, including the Victoria County History series, can be found at British History Online - London.

London archaeological secrets

London's Archaeological Secrets Revealed ©MoLAS