Heritage Protection Reform

Cornish bridge

Our current system of heritage protection has developed piecemeal over the last 120 years, and although it has worked well it is not perfect.  This section provides an introduction to the heritage protection reform programme and what it sets out to achieve.

National Heritage Protection Plan 

Find out more about our priorities for heritage protection in the National Heritage Protection Plan.

Priorities for heritage protection

Historic Environment Records

HERs are an essential tool for helping us to understand and make decisions about the historic environment.  Find out what we are doing to support their position within local authorities.

More on Historic Environment Records

New Planning Policy

Find out more about the National Planning Policy Framework and how it impacts on our heritage.

New Planning Policy

Listing and Designation 

Explore our pages on Listing and Designation for more information on current processes for protecting our heritage.

How heritage is protected

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Details of all nationally protected historic places in England from buildings to battlefields are now available online.

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