English Heritage Action Plan for the NHPP

The information on this page gives details of how English Heritage is making its contribution to the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP).

A modern photograph showing a view of Wildersmouth, Ilfracombe, Devon: an area covered by a previous Heritage at Risk campaign.

Wildersmouth, Ilfracombe, Devon. This area was covered by a previous Heritage at Risk campaign.
© James O Davies and English Heritage

How the English Heritage NHPP Action Plan Works

In addition to our general work of coordinating the wider NHPP Framework for the Historic Environment Sector, which in time will join up with other partners' action plans, English Heritage's own contribution to the NHPP is delivered through our English Heritage NHPP Action Plan.

This is divided into 8 broad themes (called Measures). These are further sub-divided into a Programme of focused Activities comprising over 400 projects. The Activities address specific areas of work (e.g. places of worship, historic ports, strategic designation) that have been identified as priorities for the Plan.

If you are interested in finding out more detail about the Activities in the Programme, either see the documents below, or use our dedicated search facility.

NHPP Acronyms Glossary

Supporting Actions

As well as the specific Activities and projects detailed in the Plan, English Heritage carries out general work, in support of the Plan, which we call “Supporting Actions”. Without these actions, the Plan simply can’t function properly. Examples of supporting actions include:

  • Research into the way heritage is valued.
  • Developing professional training and guidance.
  • Sharing knowledge (e.g. through conferences or workshops).
  • Working to build community networks that will help protect heritage.