Amending an entry on The National Heritage List for England

There are over 400,000 entries on the Heritage List, the majority of which are over 20 years old. We recognise that there may be, therefore, a number of minor errors to entries.

To address this problem, we have put in place a fast track correction procedure for certain types of changes to List Entries.

What counts as a minor amendment?

There are four types of amendment that can be dealt with in this way:

  • Straightforward corrections or updates of addresses (providing there is no underlying ambiguity as to which is the designated heritage asset)
  • Minor amendments to List descriptions, if these do not concern the Reasons for Designation
  • Corrections to the List so that it properly reflects the published information on written Schedules
  • Corrections to the spatial depictions so that the location symbols are in the right place

If you are unsure if your query can be treated as a minor amendment, please send your query to the email address below anyway and we will advise you.

Procedure for dealing with minor amendments

You can submit requests for changes by email to Please include the List Entry number and attach any relevant information which supports your request, such as up-to-date photographs or List entries.

We will then:

  • Verify that the amendment is indeed straightforward, and fits into one of the four categories as defined above
  • Verify the information with relevant parties, particularly the Local Planning Authority (LPA), where appropriate. We may also check online and internal English Heritage records such as 'Images of England' and Geographic Information System (GIS), or other sources such as the Post Office, Land Registry and Ordnance Survey Mapping
  • Make the correction directly onto The National Heritage List for England
  • Record the correction or amendment
  • Notify you and the LPA by email that the correction has been made

Examples of common minor amendments


  • Only where a grade is incorrectly displayed on the List entry (ie if it contradicts the Schedule)

Building Name

  • We can divide and join names (eg Park Farm House/Park Farmhouse/Parkfarm House)
  • We can change or add the name of a building (eg add the building name to a record listed as a street number) if the official postal address has been changed
  • Corrections to an incorrect spelling of the building name

Building Number

  • We can change the spacing between numbers (eg 16,17,18 to 16, 17, 18)
  • Owners have asked for the replacement of ampersand with 'and' (e.g. 1 & 2 to 1 and 2) or vice versa
  • Official numbering changes: these often happen where there has been a realignment of street numbering

Street/Road Name

  • We are able to amend the spacing between street/road name (eg Firefly Avenue to Fire Fly Avenue)
  • Corrections of street/road names from official postal address changes (also including changes of street type, eg road to street, avenue to crescent, close to mews etc)*
  • Corrections to incorrect spelling of the street/road name

List Entry Description

  • We will make corrections to spellings (including names) and incorrect grammar
  • Corrections to quoted dates* (including mistyped dates)
  • Architect dates*
  • Corrections to People and Organisation/Roles can be made, eg if a person designed a building but was not the architect

Amendments that cannot be treated as minor

The following types of amendment cannot be treated as minor:

  • Amendments that include a change to the Grade or status of a building - up or down-grades, delistings
  • Amendments that affect the 'Reasons for Designation' for the asset*
  • Amendments that include a change to the location of an asset, where they are moved, or there is ambiguity as to which asset is actually designated
  • Amendments that are related to the interest in attached structures and buildings within the curtilage of the principal listed building

These types of amendments should be referred for the full statutory amendment procedure, using our online application form

* Some corrections may affect the Reasons for Designation of the asset and will need to be considered as part of the full amendment process.