Listing and Designation Application Form

To apply for a heritage asset to be added to The National Heritage List for England, please use our online listing and designation application form. Using the form you can apply to:

  • List a building
  • Schedule a monument
  • Register a park, garden or battlefield
  • Protect a wreck site

The listing and designation application form can also be used to amend or remove existing records from The National Heritage List for England.

Applications for Certificates of Immunity (COI) and Building Preservation Notices (BPN) can also be made; however, certain restrictions apply to these types of application, which are explained in more detail in the fact sheets available for COIs and BPNs under the Related Documents section.

We will prioritise the assessment of heritage assets under threat of demolition, alteration, removal or salvage.

Changes to Designation

We receive a high number of applications for designation, and need to balance these against our strategic work, directing our finite resources to those that are most in need of attention. We will only take forward applications for designation where the building or site:

  • Is demonstrably under serious threat of demolition or major alteration
  • Is a Designation Department priority under the National Heritage Protection Plan, English Heritage’s programme of strategic work
  • Possesses evident significance, and is obviously worthy of inclusion on the National Heritage List for England

Applications received which do not meet one of these three criteria will not be taken forward. More information about these changes can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

Starting Your Application

In order to begin your application you will need a Heritage Passport account. This account will allow you to submit as many applications as you would like, and to return to unfinished applications at any time. Once you have set up an account you can log in below.

Before starting your application please read the application checklist (PDF 65.92KB) to see what you will need to have to hand when completing the form. Our application form guidance (PDF 55.97KB) provides step-by-step guidance on how to fill out the form.

Both of these documents, along with examples of completed applications showing the kind of information we need before we can begin to process your application, are available in the related documents on the right of this page.

Please Note

We are unable to process applications that do not include clear, current, colour photographs of the asset (exterior and interior, where applicable), or applications that are incomplete. Please be careful not to trespass on private property when taking photographs.

Applying to List a War Memorial

If you know of a war memorial that isn’t listed, we would love to hear from you. Because they remain such powerful and poignant reminders of the war’s impact on communities, war memorials have been specifically identified by the Government for attention over 2014-18. Currently only 1,300 of England’s war memorials are listed, which is a small percentage of the total. If you know of an unlisted war memorial you can apply for it to be listed here using the online application form. The more information you can supply about the memorial and its history, the better. Advice on what information we need and where to find it can be found on our ‘How to apply to list a war memorial’ document.

Further Information

To find out if a heritage asset is already nationally designated you can search The National Heritage List for England.

If you would like to search for local as well as nationally designated heritage assets, you can search the Heritage Gateway.

If you have a Geographical Information System (GIS), you can also access spatial data for designated heritage assets through our Download Spatial Data page.

If you experience any problems when filling in the form, or if you would like the form in a different format, please contact our Customer Services team.  


Customer Services department
t: 0370 333 1181, textphone: 0800 015 0516