Download designation data

Designation data from The National Heritage List for England is available to download as GIS shapefiles.

The data includes shapefiles indicating the location and/or extent of the designation and basic textual information, for example, heritage asset name and number and date of designation.  The following GIS datasets can be downloaded as zipped folders containing ESRI shapefile format files:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Registered Parks and Gardens
  • Registered Battlefields
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Protected Wreck Sites

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The data is suitable for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS).  Other digital data, such as background mapping, is not included.

Download Designation GIS data

Winterbourne Stoke Barrow Group

An aerial view of a group of round barrows and a long barrow at Winterbourne Stoke, near Stonehenge, taken October 1993. Ref: NMR 15077/12 © Crown copyright.NMR

Information on all designated assets in England are included in The Heritage List for England. You can still access the GIS spatial data for individual designation types via the Data Download Area, but you will see changes including:

Other English Heritage GIS Downloads

English Heritage has also made available GIS downloads for The Atlas of Rural Settlement in England