Coastal & Maritime


Having been an island for around 10,000 years and on the edge of the North West Europe landmass for hundreds of millenia before that, Britain's maritime heritage is an extremely rich source of knowledge about our past whether through shipwrecks, archaeological remains beneath the sea or coastal defences.  Research carried out by English Heritage helps us to understand more about this past as well as how to protect it for the future, as laid out in the National Heritage Protection Plan.

Historic Seascapes 

Beneath our seas and along our coasts lies a rich and varied heritage. Historic Seascape Characterisation extends the principles of charactersation to the coastal and maritime landscape so we can better understand how they have been shaped.

The shaping of coastlines

Martello Towers

One of the greatest threats to the historic environment in the East of England is coastal erosion. This is putting some of the most evocative structures on the Essex and Suffolk coasts in peril, such as the Martello Towers dating from 1808 and 1812.

More about Martello towers

Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund

The Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) provides funds to tackle a wide range of problems in areas affected by the extraction of aggregates.

How the fund is being used