Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund

The Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) was introduced by the UK government in 2002 to provide funds to help address the environmental impacts of marine aggregate extraction. English Heritage is a major distributor of the fund and supports projects that promote environmentally friendly marine sand and gravel extraction and transport. Research projects have been targeted to meet both the fund priorities and the strategic agenda for England’s maritime archaeology.

Whatley Quarry (NMR23439/22)

In co-operation with industry, organisational guidance, advice and procedural information relating to the extraction development process has also been produced.

Through its involvement in the fund, English Heritage has supported a range of timely initiatives, providing new insights into the mitigation, assessment, evaluation and potential of the marine historic environment through remote survey and field investigations in England’s territorial waters.

Following a consultation between January and April 2008, Defra has agreed that English Heritage will receive £1.5m per annum for the three calendar years 2008/9 to 2010/11 (round 3).  

In the current round, marine funding will be split into the following three broad areas of work:

  • identification and characterisation of the historic environment in key existing or potential areas of marine extraction 
  • research and development of practical new techniques to locate seabed historic environment assets; to improve our understanding of direct and indirect impacts of extraction on such assets and their settings; and to develop practical ways of mitigating such impacts to enhance conservation and management of the resource 
  • marine historic environment training, dissemination and communication