Professional Zooarchaeology Group (PZG)


The Professional Zooarchaeology Group (PZG) was founded in 2005 by members of English Heritage, the Department of Archaeology, University of Nottingham (originally of the Laboratory for Social Zooarchaeology, University of Southampton) and Wessex Archaeology.

Its aim is to bridge the gap between animal bone specialists based within and outside academic establishments. 

By working largely in isolation from one another, we can put ourselves at an unnecessary disadvantage, often cut off from important new discoveries, or practical, methodological and theoretical developments in our field.

Photograph of archaeological animal bones

A pile of medieval animal bones
© English Heritage

Aims of the PZG

Our aim is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between specialists and to establish a mutually-beneficial support network: specialists working within universities and public bodies being able to provide access to libraries and reference collections, those working within units or as freelancers offering their knowledge of current British archaeology, project designs for forthcoming excavations, as well as insight into ‘grey literature’.

PZG meetings

Meetings are scheduled twice yearly at venues throughout the UK.

Each meeting is hosted by PZG members at their place of work and focusses on a particular aspect of zooarchaeology, combining a mixture of thematic discussions and practical workshops. Details and minutes from our past meetings are published on this website. 

If you would like to host a meeting or would like to suggest topics for future meetings please contact

Details of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on 14th March 2015, at the University of Nottingham. Further details have been posted on the meetings and minutes page.

How do I join the PZG?

If you would like to join the PZG please contact . A current list of members and our membership policy is published on this website.