3D Laser Scanning for Heritage

Advice and guidance to users on laser scanning in archaeology and architecture

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This document has been generated as part of the Heritage3D project. Heritage3D is sponsored by English Heritage’s National Heritage Protection Commissions programme (projects 3789 MAIN and 5496 MAIN) and undertaken by the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University.

The project has sought to provide guidance to archaeologists, local planning authorities, instrument manufacturers and software developers on the use of 3D laser scanning in the conservation of cultural heritage. The primary aims of this project were to develop and support best practice in laser scanning for archaeology and architecture, and to disseminate this best practice to users, along with the education of likely beneficiaries. A guidance note arising from Heritage3D, entitled ‘3D Laser Scanning for Heritage’ was published in 2007.

The present document, a substantial revision of the 2007 guidance note, has been developed as part of the follow-on project. The aim of the second phase of the Heritage3D project (5496 MAIN; October 2008 to September 2011) is to provide, to English Heritage employees and other professionals engaged in cultural heritage, general news and independent information about all forms of 3D survey and recording, in-depth guidance and discussion on specific applications and techniques, and to provide access to a network of relevant organisations and individuals that could provide information and advice.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 How does laser scanning work?
  • 3 Commissioning survey
  • 4 From point cloud to useful information
  • 5 Managing data
  • 6 Helping you to decide
  • 7 Where to find out more
  • 8 Glossary
  • 9 Case studies
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication Date: 31/10/2011
  • Product Code: 51704
  • Series: Guidelines / Standards

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