Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire

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At English Heritage, looking after our collections for the future is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is one of our biggest responsibilities and an ongoing challenge.

We've embarked on the biggest conservation programme in our history to help safeguard our historic places - but we need your help.

Conservation in Action


The Map Room project at Eltham Palace was realised thanks to the generous support of members and visitors. Take a look behind the scenes at the difference donations make.

With vital conservation work needed across the country at our historic places, now's the time get involved by donating today.

Conserving the Quadriga statue atop Wellington Arch

Giving Heritage a Future

Without ongoing protection, the unique castles, monuments and historic buildings that tell the stories of our nation will be lost forever.

At English Heritage, expert teams of curators, conservators, gardeners and historians work together to protect the 420 places and 500,000 artefacts in our care.

Conservation at Brodsworth Hall

Conservation across the country

There are 18th-century portraits to clean, First World War graffiti to conserve, castle masonry to be repaired and an Iron Bridge to restore.

Using cutting-edge technology, our dedicated team battle everything from rain damage to microscopic bugs to ensure that the places and artefacts in our care can tell the story of England now and in the future.

Conservation projects at English Heritage

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Donate now to support vital conservation work at over 400 historic places. You'll help ensure that future generations can experience the story of England where it really happened.


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