Bringing the Romans back to Birdoswald

We've invested £1.3 million to bring you the best Roman experience in the region.

Following our recent transformation Birdoswald is the perfect place to start your Hadrian's Wall adventure.

Explore a new exhibition with lots of fun for families and head out on a quest to discover the fort. Grab lunch in the new café or take time out in the family room.

The longest continuous stretch of the Wall visible today

Get to grips with Hadrian's Wall

March like a Roman soldier through four meter high gatehouse, created by our talented artist and team, to find the new exhibition. Get hands-on to discover how and why the Wall was built, and find out all about the people who lived and worked here during the Roman era.

Get stuck in with building bricks and a have-a-go crane, there's Roman artefacts to see, games to play and even a periscope to peek through so that you can view the landscape outside from the original height of Hadrian's Wall.

A quest with replica Roman games and fascinating facts will lead you from the exhibition as you head out to see the real fort for yourself. You'll explore and find out more about the Commander's House, the barracks and the watch tower along the way.

Building the new exhibition

It took a dedicated team and a lot of hard work to create the exciting new exhibition - especially when the beast from the east tried to slow us down.

  • January 2018

    The old exhibition has been removed, making plenty of space for the new.

  • March 2018

    A huge flat pack arrived and we started building the walls in the exhibition space.

  • April 2018

    The gatehouse entrance is up and the team are working hard to install the displays behind the scenes.

New facilities at Birdoswald Roman Fort

Fantastic new facilities

The Romans were always at the cutting edge of engineering and design so, in true Roman style, we've revamped our visitor centre with new facilities.

Dig into our infamous Roman burger in the new rustic style café. We're serving up lots of delicious Cumbrian dishes too. And hungry passers-by are welcome to stop by.

Take a break in the family room or treat yourself in the shop. The support from your souvenir goes straight into conserving places like Birdoswald Roman Fort for future generations to enjoy.

The longest remaining stretch of Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian's Wall

For over 300 years, Birdoswald Roman Fort was one of 16 major military installations that housed the large garrisons who lived on Hadrian's Wall.

Built at the Emperor Hadrian's orders in A.D. 122, the Wall wasn't just a wall. It was complex system of fortifications fronted by a ditch. The wall also consisted of small forts called milecastles, tall watch towers, impressive bridges and, of course, large forts like Birdoswald. You can still see the impressive remains of all of the Wall's defining features today by taking a short walk from the fort.

Hadrian's Wall had many military functions, such as defence and border control, but it was also a place for the garrisons and their families to live.

Explore the history

Get involved volunteering

Help us bring our story to life for visitors. Volunteering is a great chance to meet people and learn new skills. We're looking for friendly faces to provide a warm welcome and landscape guides to deliver tours. There's an exciting opportunity to become a play ranger too and help families enjoy their trip to Birdoswald.

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