Rainy Days at Dover Castle

A family views a wall projection about Operation Dynamo inside one of Dover Castle's tunnels

Go Underground!

Explore the network of Secret Wartime Tunnels. Keep dry deep inside the White Cliffs with a 50min tour round the deepest tunnels, exploring the story of Operation Dynamo and the Rescue from Dunkirk. Original film footage and visual effects bring the dramatic story to life with tours starting every 15-20mins throughout the day, with the last tour leaving an hour before closing time.

You can also take a 25min journey through the Underground Hospital, with sounds, room sets and smells setting the scene of WWII emergency aid for returning troops. Elsewhere on the site you can also take your time exploring the Medieval tunnels - developed during the Siege of Dover, they take you on a hidden dry route through the complex under the northern battlements.

The vibrant colour and rich bedroom furnishings of the Great Tower

Stay in with the King

Step foot into the dry and warmth of the impressive medieval Great Tower. If you were feeling cold, warm up by the fire in the king's bedroom. Explore the hidden passages, visit the chapel, pose on the throne, and take in the castle's rich furnishings from the time of the Angevin Empire.

On high days and holidays, witness the castle brought to life by the court of King Henry. Sit and listen to their stories, meet the king, and interact with their feuds. Make sure you also don't miss the indoor introductory exhibition for the Great Tower in Arthur's Hall.

Bowl of soup

Eat and Drink

Break up your adventure with a visit to the NAAFI Restaurant, Great Tower Cafe or Tunnels Cafe. We sell hot drinks, cakes, snacks, soup, hot food and refreshments. Find out more about our food & drink.

If you bring your own food or drink, we also have an undercover picnic area with benches and chairs next to Arthur's Hall in the Keep Yard.

A medieval tunnel beneath the castle, burrowed during and after the siege of 1216

More to see

Some of the lesser known parts of the castle are also worth checking out.

Visit inside the Saxon Church of St Mary in Castro at the centre of the site. The new Fire Command Post allows you to lookout over the Port of Dover while remaining undercover behind the window - find out about its role during the First World War. In the Keep Yard there is also a permanent exhibition in the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Museum.

So ignore the rain, put your coat on, and get outside to come inside! Dover Castle has a huge amount to see in all weathers and makes a great full action packed day out.

Plan your visit today...


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