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Project Iron Bridge FAQs

The world's first iron bridge is an extraordinary feat of human ingenuity. After the strain of two centuries, the bridge is at risk. As we launch our first ever crowd-funding campaign, your support will protect the Iron Bridge for future generations to enjoy.

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions about the campaign. Read our answers below.

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About Project Iron Bridge

Why is the Iron Bridge so important?
The Iron Bridge is the first free-standing structure ever built from cast iron. This was a turning point for modern engineering and marks a significant achievement of the Industrial Revolution. The success of the Iron Bridge led to cast iron being used in similar ways in the construction of buildings, bridges and railways across the world right up to the present day. To read more, visit our history of the Iron Bridge.

When will the conservation project start and finish?

This project is the culmination of years of research on the bridge to work out where conservation is needed. We have constructed scaffolding at the bridge. Conservation work has now begun and will last until late 2018.

Will the site continue to be free to visit?

Yes, the Iron Bridge will continue to be free to visit during and after Project Iron Bridge. About two-thirds of the sites that English Heritage looks after are open to visitors free of charge.

Can I volunteer at the site?

From January 2018 we will be recruiting a team of volunteers to be part of the Iron Bridge team. Our volunteers will play a key role in helping visitors understand Project Iron Bridge, including explaining different techniques and why the work is so vital to the bridge itself. Volunteers will be needed on site from March 2018. Check our volunteering page in January.

How can I find out about the progress of Project Iron Bridge?
You can find out more on our Project Iron Bridge page, including more information about the conservation work, a history of the bridge and more ways to get involved. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook using #ProjectIronBridge.


When will the rewards be delivered?
The rewards will be delivered after the appeal closes on 10 December 2017. If your reward includes one of the limited-edition Paul Catherall prints, it will be sent to you from 18 December, and should arrive in time for Christmas to UK addresses. Tours will be held in spring 2018; you will be contacted no later than 31 January 2018 with a range of dates to choose from. All other rewards will be delivered from 18 December onwards. Please note delivery times are based on UK addresses. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a delivery date for rewards sent to non-UK addresses.

What is an English Heritage Guardian?
The Guardians scheme recognises donors who support English Heritage with gifts of £2,500 or more. They champion heritage and are at the heart of our community. As a Guardian, you'll gain a deeper insight into our work of caring for historic properties across the nation and you'll have the opportunity to engage with our extensive collection of sites and artefacts.


Money Matters

What happens if the target is exceeded?
English Heritage became a charity in 2015 and Project Iron Bridge is our biggest conservation project since then. Support from our donors is immensely valuable and if we exceed our target of £25,000, additional money raised will all go towards Project Iron Bridge.

How will my donation be used?
The money raised from this Crowdfunder campaign will go towards Project Iron Bridge. The work on site includes:

  • Conserving the original cast iron elements
  • Resurfacing the deck of the bridge
  • Repairing the stonework
  • Cleaning and repainting the entire structure

This work will ensure that the Iron Bridge is protected for the future so that generations to come can enjoy this iconic and inspiring bridge in all its glory.

What if you don’t make your target?
All money raised will go towards Project Iron Bridge, even if we don't reach our £25,000 target. We believe that such an icon as the Iron Bridge deserves to be enjoyed for years to come and every penny raised will go towards the conservation project.

English Heritage became a charity in 2015. We care for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites and over 500,000 artefacts which together bring the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year. Our supporters and donors help make this happen and we hope you'll join us in doing so too.

Why are you crowd-funding for this?
English Heritage became a charity in 2015. We rely upon the support of our members, visitors and donors to look after the 420 sites in our care. Safeguarding the historic sites in our care is one of our core priorities and Project Iron Bridge is our biggest conservation project to date. By donating to the Project Iron Bridge campaign, you are playing a role in passing on the heritage that’s shaped our lives today to share with people in the future.

Can businesses donate?
Yes, we would welcome the opportunity for corporate support. If you are a business interested in supporting the campaign, please contact us.

What is Gift Aid?
The Gift Aid scheme is for gifts of money by individuals who pay UK tax. It increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim basic tax on your gift, at no extra cost to you. If you are eligible and agree to Gift Aid your donation, English Heritage will receive an extra 25p for every £1 you donate to saving the Iron Bridge. More information on Gift Aid.

Your data

How will my data be collected and protected?
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our supporters. We take your privacy seriously and treat all the information you give us with great care. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store and use the personal information you give us. To learn more about Crowdfunder's privacy policy, please visit the Crowdfunder website.

The Iron Bridge

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You can play a role in passing on the heritage that’s shaped our lives today to share with people in the future.

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