Guidance about using Drones at English Heritage Sites



Many of our visitors are greatly inspired by the beautiful properties, monuments and landscapes within our guardianship, and drones are becoming an increasingly popular way to record footage and capture stills of these places.

As the English Heritage Trust we have a responsibility to care for and conserve our sites, and maintain the safety of our visitors, staff and volunteers. We therefore do not permit any unapproved drone use on or over English Heritage Trust sites.

All pilots seeking permission to fly a drone or UAV must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and all flights are subject to a strict approval process and a booking fee.

Process for Approval

All operators must submit the following documentation for consideration:

  • a current and valid CAA 'Permission for Aerial Work' (PFAW);
  • evidence of valid insurance cover;
  • a risk assessment for the proposed flight;
  • a method statement, to include a flight plan and a technical specifications document for all equipment to be used.

All operators must also attend a pre-booked recce visit with a member of English Heritage Trust staff prior to their flight. Any drone flying can only take place when a site is closed to the public.

We reserve the right to decline any application and will not approve requests from any pilot(s) seeking permission in return for rights of access to footage captured.

To Apply for Permission

If you would like to submit a request for permission to conduct a drone/UAV flight at an English Heritage Trust site, please download and complete the enquiry form. All applications must contain the documentation stipulated above.

Please be aware that we require at least ten working days' notice to process an application and payment must be made in advance. Lead times are subject to extension depending on the scale and complexity of your enquiry, and the property in question.

Download our enquiry form


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