LGBTQ History

LGBTQ history has often been hidden from view, but many individuals throughout history have lived radical private lives outside the accepted sexual norms of the time.

Find out more about the lives of England’s LGBTQ people, and their important place in the stories of English Heritage sites.

William Lygon, Lord Beauchamp, in about 1900

Stories of England’s LGBTQ Past

Find out about LGBTQ individuals associated with English Heritage sites, and how the laws and norms of the time affected their lives.

Alan Turing

London Pride

Of the hundreds of individuals honoured with a London blue plaque, many have lived radical private lives outside the accepted sexual norms of the time, from Oscar Wilde to Virginia Woolf and Alan Turing. Some were persecuted for it and some helped to challenge public perceptions of gender and sexuality. Explore the stories of some of London’s famous LGBTQ residents through our blue plaques scheme.


Couples celebrating same-sex marriages

England’s LGBTQ Heritage

Explore places of LGBTQ heritage across England, ranging from the frontiers of Roman Britain to the gay pubs that remain important in our lives today. Part of Historic England’s ‘Pride of Place’ project.

Image: A wedding party at the Streatham Derby and Joan Club in the 1960s
© Private Collection

Top image: William Lygon, Lord Beauchamp, who lived at Walmer Castle from 1913 to 1931
© National Portrait Gallery, London

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