Famous women from history, including Ada Lovelace, Amy Johnson and Violette Szabo.

Women who made history

Women have played an integral role in shaping the course of English history. Find out more below about some of the women who left their mark on society and shaped our way of life – from the first computer programmer to fearless monarchs and pioneering scientists.

You can also find out how to honour women from history by nominating them for a blue plaque.

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Can you name three women from history?

In a recent survey we found that 40% of people thought that women did not have as much impact on history as men. We put this to the test by asking members of the public to name three famous women from history. How many could you name?

Find out more about some of the pioneering women who made history below.

Women in history

In depth

  •  Elizabeth I. Credit to National Portrait Gallery

    The accession of Elizabeth I

    Tracy Borman examines what the accession of Elizabeth I - who famously remained unmarried - meant for women in positions of power.

  • Propose a blue plaque

    Propose a blue plaque

    We welcome nominations for new London blue plaques. Find out how to suggest a plaque for someone who was born or lived in London.

  • Venus von Willendorf, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

    Why women disappeared from history

    Women occupy just 0.5% of recorded history, and are often stereotyped. In this blog post Bettany Hughes explores why women disappeared from history.

  • Hannah MacKenzie (seated) with Mrs Geyton, the cook, at Wrest Park

    Servants who broke the mould

    Women once made up around 80% of household servants. Here are some of the women who made a successful career out of domestic service.

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