Victoria Pendleton in armour on horseback at Kenilworth Castle

Medieval Knights Season

This summer, see brave knights battling it out in real tournaments, displaying feats of strength and skill that could rival today’s top athletes. Learn the science behind the sport of kings and watch double gold medal Olympian, Victoria Pendleton's day as a jousting knight.

Experience the spectacle for yourself at one of our grand medieval events across the country.

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Jousting with a modern day Olympian

Victoria Pendleton learns to joust

Jousting requires the fitness of a top athlete, so we challenged double gold medal Olympian, Victoria Pendleton, to try the sport at Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden. Follow Victoria's journey as the cyclist turned jockey learns the art of jousting.

How will the sport of kings compare to the expectations of a modern day champion? Watch Victoria take us through her day as a jousting knight.

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Jousting tournaments 2017

Get ready to cheer on your hero and witness some of the toughest knights in England. We're bringing live tournaments to life complete with the colour and character of the past. Find an event near you with several events across the country as part of our 2017 Medieval Knights Season.

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  • A battle scene with knights in full armour fighting with swords and shields.

    Beeston Castle and Woodland Park, Cheshire

    Sat 29 - Sun 30 Jul 2017 11am-5pm

    Experience this all-action contest as teams of knights battle head-on with clubs and shields.

  • A man dressed as a knight lifts his helmet visor while on horseback

    Framlingham Castle, Suffolk

    Sat 29 & Sun 30 July 2017 10.30am-5pm

    Saddle up for an action-packed day out as our two knights on horseback clash for your entertainment!

  • A man dressed as a knight on a horse

    Pendennis Castle, Cornwall

    Tue 1 - Wed 2 Aug 2017 11am-5pm

    Experience a true medieval spectacle as knights on horseback clash in a contest of speed and skill.

  • A man dressed in armour sits on a horse with his hand held high in the air

    Dover Castle, Kent

    Sat 12 - Sun 13 Aug 2017 10am-5pm

    Witness the spectacular medieval art of jousting at the castle’s first ever tournament.

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