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A stretch of Hadrian's Wall

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Our picks for spring

The spectacular Perseus and Andromeda fountain at Witley Court, which started firing again last month after a seven month restoration project.

Swing into spring and join us for an adventure in history.

Summer is just around the corner, and the warmer weather brings exciting days out in the places where history happened. Enjoy a picnic in the grounds of a stately home, or witness a wartime castle brought to life with living history and reenactment events.

Here are our top picks for days out in history this May.

Things to do in May
  • Binoculars on a window sill


    Don't settle for a hotel when you can stay on a historic site with a castle in your own backyard in one of our holiday cottages.

  • Operation Clothes Moth

    Join Operation Clothes Moth

    Our furnishings and fabrics are hundreds of years old, but clothes moths can eat through them in months. Their numbers are rising and we need your help this spring.

  • Girl in a 360 simulation of Stonehenge

    Are you ingenious enough to survive history?

    Take our series of mini quizzes and see if you're ingenious enough to make it from Neolithic Britain to 20th century England.


Whether you're planning your own holiday around the UK or you have visitors coming to stay, sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to help plan the perfect trip. 

From exploring the frontier of the Roman empire to seeing Stonehenge, here's our pick of the top 8 things to do in England.

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Stories from our blog

Reconstruction drawing of Skipsea Castle in Yorkshire. Peter Dunn © Historic England Photo Library.

Reconstruction drawing of Skipsea Castle in Yorkshire. Peter Dunn © Historic England Photo Library.

How to spot: a castle hiding in plain sight

We all know a castle when we see one…or do we? Famous stone castles, that reveal the power and wealth of important medieval families, are hard to miss – but there are more than 700 early castle sites that are a little bit harder to spot…unless you know what to look for.

Anthropologist, archaeologist and broadcaster Mary-Ann Ochota explains the clues left in our landscapes that could mean a castle once stood near you.

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Mah-jongg the lemur at Eltham Palace

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