The Great Tower at Dover Castle

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About the Great Tower

Step inside the Great Tower and immerse yourself in the royal court of King Henry II. Experience the vibrant colour and opulence of one of medieval England's most important castles as you're transported to a world of courtly intrigue and royal ambition.

About the Great Tower

Meet the Characters

Throughout the year, visit the Great Tower and meet members of King Henry II's royal court. Come face to face with the King himself, Prince John and the court jester - Roland the Farter!

Character Days

Family Fun in the Great Tower

The Great Tower is a medieval experience like no other! Hold court with King Henry II and his royal entourage and listen out for ghostly whispers as Henry's plotting sons threaten his empire!

Family activities

Virtual Tour

Before your visit, get a sneak preview of the opulent world of the royal court with our virtual tour. See the vibrantly decorated King's Chamber, the Guest Hall and even the kitchens of this great building.

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The Angevin Empire

Henry II was one of England's greatest kings, who built the largest European empire of his age, stretching from Scotland to the Pyrenees - the Angevin Empire.

Rise and Fall of the Empire


Pilgrim Game

Some of Henry II's most important guests were pilgrims, coming to visit the shrine of St Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. Can you help a pilgrim make his way to Canterbury?

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