Gardens at Down House

Exterior view of Down House

It was in the gardens at Down House that Darwin developed many of his ground-breaking ideas on evolution and natural selection.  They were both an outdoor laboratory for his experiments and also a place where he could reflect deeply upon their meaning. Today you can see 12 of his experiments which have been recreated in the grounds at Down, as well as Darwin's beloved greenhouses. It was here that he made revolutionary discoveries about the reproductive behaviour of plants.

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See the Sandwalk or 'thinking path', where Darwin walked daily and came up with some of his most ground-breaking ideas. 

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Find out what the gardens at Down House have to offer throughout the year from spring bulbs to autumn colour.

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The Kitchen Garden

You can see the many varieties of vegetables originally grown in Darwin's time, as well as rows of primulas replicating an important study on plant evolution.

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