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Jewel Tower Make Jewel Tower a part of your central London day out

Open as Usual
Old Palace Yard are currently having conservation works done next door to Jewel Tower meaning there is currenly hoardings up around Jewel Tower. We are still open as usual - please walk the length of the hoardings to get to the entrance during the building works.

The Jewel Tower dates back almost 650 years and is an intriguing visitor attraction in the heart of Westminster. It was built around 1365 to house Edward III’s treasures and was known as the ‘King’s Privy Wardrobe’.

One of only two buildings from the medieval Palace of Westminster to survive the fire of 1834, the tower features a 14th century ribbed vault.

From April 2013, a new exhibition covering all three floors of the tower will highlight Jewel Tower's history and changing role over the centuries. Features will include a model of the 'lost' medieval palace of Westminster, replicas of precious objects and areas of set dressing including an 18th-century clerk's office. Why not make a visit to the Jewel Tower part of your day out in central London?

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