Previous Exhibitions at the Quadriga Gallery

Details of previous exhibitions:

  • We Will Remember Them: London's Great War Memorials
    16 July - 30 November 2014
    2014 saw a momentous centenary, the start of the First World War commemorations. Among our contributions to the centenary was an exhibition focused on the six London Great War memorials cared for by English Heritage.
  • Carscapes: How the Motor Car Reshaped England
    12 February - 6 July 2014
    Dramatic aerial photographs illustrated the surprising grandeur of motorway design, and the exhibition explored how our motoring heritage has developed its own art and architecture.
  • Almost Lost: London's Buildings Loved & Loathed
    4 December - 2 February 2014
    Using the latest digital technology, 'Almost Lost' charts the highs and lows of a century of heritage protection in our capital city.
  • Brutal and Beautiful: Saving the Twentieth Century
    25 September - 24 November 2013
    From cathedrals to private houses, war memorials to sculptures, our new exhibition celebrates the post-war era and its best listed buildings. It is 25 years since the first major post-war buildings were listed.
  • Pride and Prejudice: The Battle for Betjeman's Britain
    17 July - 15 September 2013
    'Pride and Prejudice' examines how John Betjeman and others campaigned in the 1930s to protect our architectural heritage from both indifference and neglect and reveals how Britain's listing system eventually emerged from the ruins of the Blitz.
  • A Monumental Act: How Britain Saved its Heritage
    1 May - 7 July 2013
    At the 'A Monumental Act: How Britain Saved its Heritage' exhibition, visitors are taken back to the first half of the 20th century to see how a new law and a small band of determined people saved Britain's most historic buildings from decay and destruction, in the process creating a national outdoor museum.
  • The General, The Scientist & The Banker: The Birth of Archaeology and the Battle for the Past
    6 February - 21 April 2013
    Darwin’s big idea and the discovery of ancient stone tools beside the bones of extinct animals, broke the Biblical version of history. This exhibition tells the story of what happened next, as archaeological pioneers battled to save Britain’s great prehistoric sites from destruction.
  • Egypt in England
    7 November - 13 January 2013
    This exhibition explored the use of the Egyptian style from the sphinxes of 18th century gardens through to the papyrus bud columns of 20th century cinemas.
  • Ladies of Kenwood
    6 September - 28 October 2012
    The exhibition explored the intriguing stories of the women who have influenced the appearance and experience of Kenwood House, through the sculpture, paintings, furniture and jewellery associated with them.
  • Blackpool: Wonderland of the World
    4 July - 27 August 2012
    This exhibition captured the magic and glamour of two of the town's attractions, which helped to transform Blackpool into a magnificent 'playground' for the northern manufacturing towns, and earned it the enduring crown of Britain's most popular seaside destination.
  • Stonehenge: Monumental Journey
    9 May - 24 June 2012
    This opening exhibition at the Quadriga Gallery showed how Stonehenge has been experienced over time and how it will be reconnected with the wider landscape.