Meet the Carisbrooke Donkeys

For hundreds of years the castle’s resident donkeys have drawn up water in the well-house. Visit the castle and delight in the demonstrations of the donkeys working the 16th century tread wheel.

Jupiter, Carisbrooke Castle's computer graphic donkey assistant

Jupiter will introduce you to the donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle

All the donkeys names begin with the letter ‘J’. This tradition was started when Charles I was a prisoner at Carisbrooke. When Charles I wrote letters or was planning his escape route, he always signed his letters with a ‘J’. So for 150 years all the donkeys at the castle have had a name beginning with ‘J’. This is a tradition that continues to be upheld.

Girl with donkey at Carisbrooke Castle

Jill the donkey

Jill is the prettiest donkey of the group - and doesn’t she know it! She is the smallest of the group and a bit of a prima donna. She loves being the centre of attention and is quite happy to push others out the way to be the star. Jill loves being brushed everyday and as well as being partial to a warm shampoo, she also loves Kendal Mint Cake.

Jill, a beautiful donkey with shaggy hair in shades of brown, at Carisbrooke Castle

Jigsaw the donkey

Jigsaw is the baby of the bunch. She is also very clever, and picked up the basics of walking the water wheel in record time. Jigsaw is very sociable and loves meeting new people.

Jigsaw, the youngest of the donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle in 2015, mostly white with darker patches

Jack the donkey

Jack is the naughtiest of the bunch. He can open the gate to the pen and let out all his friends. Like Jill, Jack likes to be centre of attention - he enjoys playing to the crowd and will often throw his water bucket around - so watch you don’t get wet!

Jack, the naughtiest of the donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle, grey haired

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