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St George's Day 2018

Hear swords clashing and the mighty roar of a dragon in celebration of St George's Day. Cheer for a gallant knight as he braves the legendary beast in an action-packed battle between good and evil. Watch a live joust play out before your eyes and join in the fun at one of England's finest medieval festivals.

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St George's Day events 2018

Featured event: Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Watch a sneak peek of what to expect from the annual Wrest Park St George's Festival. See why this is the biggest St George's Day event in the country with a celebration of England's history through the ages. A march of Roman soldiers, a live medieval joust and tea with Georgian ladies is just the beginning.

There's something for everyone to enjoy, whether you plan to slay a dragon or cheer from the sidelines.

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Who was St George?

He's England's patron saint and is associated with myth and legend, but little is known about the life of the real St George. The story of St George and the dragon is the best known surviving tale, but can you tell the fact from fiction?

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Prepare for Battle

Think you've got what it takes to defeat a dragon? We'll help you prepare for your showdown with our how-to videos on sword and shield making. We'll also teach you how to spot a dragon. Don't forget to share your creations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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